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Mitron App hack: Flaws in 'Mitron' app competing with TikTok, threat of account hacking – tiktaok rival mitron app have a vulnerability which can allow hacking and login by attackers

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In a very short time, a flaw related to the TricTalk app clone Mitron has become increasingly popular. This app has become increasingly popular in the environment made against the TickTalk app and China and so far millions of users have downloaded it. There are many bugs in the app, users are also writing this in the review, but now a related flaw has come to light. With this help, the attackers can tamper with the user's account and can also send messages from someone else's account. However, there is no risk of theft of personal email IDs or data.

According to the report of Gadgets360, by taking advantage of the drawback of Mitron app, an attacker can send messages from one account to others. Apart from this, comments can also be made in the name of someone else. The report says that this flaw is related to the current log-in process of the app. Without logging in the app, no video can be liked or the user can comment on them. Attackers can access Victim's unique user ID during login and log in from their account.

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Login without password

At present, in the Friends app, users do not need any password or additional verification and have been given the option to log in with the help of Google account. Due to this, there is no extra security layer in the app, so that it can be decided that the real user has logged in. The app uses unique user ID even when logging in with a Google account and is not directly linked to Google. However, this deficiency can be easily fixed.

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App is made in Pakistan

Gadgets Now Hindi installed the Mitron app and found that the app contains a lot of bugs. The latest update to the app has been provided by the developer on May 29, 2020, so it is possible that the security flaws will also be fixed in the next few updates. Let me tell you, this app, which is about 8 MB in size, is being considered as an Indian clone of the Chinese short video making platform TikTok and this is also the reason for it being popular. It has been revealed in the past that this app has not been delivered in India but has been purchased from the Pakistani developer Qbuxus.

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