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mohammad kaif ne hemang badani se maangi maafi; Mohammad Kaif apologizes to Hemang Badani

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 26 Jul 2020, 08:26:00 AM IST

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Mohammad Kaif, one of Team India's finest fielders, has apologized to his accompanying player Hemang Badani for a mistake made in 2004. Kaif posted a short clip of a 2004 match against Pakistan on his Twitter, in which he called Badani sorry.

This video posted by Kaif on Twitter is a glimpse of his great fielding. The Indian team visited Pakistan in the year 2004. During this, the one-day match played in Karachi was at a turning point. India had given a target of 350 runs to Pakistan team and in this match when Pakistan was 10 runs away from victory, Kaif grabbed this great cap and tilted the match in favor of Team India.

Posting this video, Kaif wrote on Twitter, 'Bekhouf also chases the young impossible and grabs him with both hands. Oh sorry Badani brother.

Pakistan needed 10 runs in 8 balls, when Shoaib Malik, off Zaheer Khan, played a long long shot on long on. Hemang Badani was stationed here, who had made his position by moving his hands comfortably behind him to catch the ball in a perfect manner. But Kaif, who was posted on the long off, did not have the attention and was running like a eagle with his eyes full on the ball. Kaif dives into the air as he approaches the ball and catches the ball safely in both hands.

Meanwhile, Hemang Badani's head survived by hitting Kaif by a few inches and only Badani's cap collided with him. Kaif quickly reached the teammates to celebrate in the joy of catching catches. India won this match by 5 runs.

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