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Mother left son 38 years ago to become actress now son asked compensation of more than 1 crore

Mother left son 38 years ago to become actress now son asked compensation of more than 1 crore
  • The woman left the child on the train to become an actress
  • Left at the age of two, now mother refuses to adopt son
  • Son asked for 1.5 crore, said- My life was completely in trouble


A 40-year-old man has filed a petition in Bombay High Court. The man says that his mother Bollywood actress Left her alone in Mumbai at the age of two to become one. After this, he also refused to adopt her as a son.

The son has now demanded a compensation of Rs 1.5 crore from the mother. Srikanth Sabnis, a makeup artist and practitioner by profession, said, ‘My life has been completely tortured and tortured due to being left in the city unknowingly. For this, the mother Aarti Mahaskar and her second husband (Sabnis ‘stepfather) will have to pay damages.’

Mother was very ambitious

According to the petition, Aarti was first married to Deepak Sabnis and in February 1979 Srikanth was born. At that time, both lived in Pune. The petition states that Aarti was very ambitious and wanted to come to Mumbai to work in the film industry.

Drop baby in train

In September 1981, Aarti took the child and left for Mumbai. The petition alleged that after reaching Mumbai, the woman left the child in a train and left. After this, a railway official sent the child to a children’s home.

Hearing on 13 January

The petition has requested the High Court to direct Srikanth’s mother to accept that Sabnis is her son and left her alone at the age of two. Justice AK Menon will hear the petition on January 13. Let me tell you, Srikanth has been working as a makeup man in the film industry for the last 20 years.

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