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Motorola phone worth Rs 1 lakh 36 thousand, ‘out-of-stock’ in just 2 minutes

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The Moto RAZR smartphone, which was folded last year by Tech Brand Motorola, was launched and now the company has brought its upgrade. The first sale of the new Motorola RAZR 5G took place on Tuesday and all the phones were sold out in just 2 minutes. You will be surprised to know that the price of the phone is 12,499 yuan (about 1 lakh 36 thousand rupees), in spite of all the online channels, this phone ended in just 2 minutes. The next cell of this phone will be on September 21.

For the folding screen, Motorola has given a very special hinge mechanism to this device and Lenovo has shared details about it. The company said that the Motorola RAZR 5G uses the industry’s ‘Star Track’ shaft with over 100 patents. With the help of this hinge, the screen is curved and twisted. Apart from this, the display becomes flat and can be easily used as soon as the phone is opened despite repeated bending from the middle. The company has brought new devices along the lines of its RAZR flip phone series.

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The life of the phone is more than five years

Researchers say that the Motorola RAZR 5G can be folded and unfolded 200,000 times. This means that a user can use the phone for at least five years. Additionally, Motorola uses the RAZR 5G flexible screen in a waterdrop shape, first introduced by the Lenovo Research Institute. With the help of such shape, the phone can be turned inwards. Apart from this, the elastic metal structure keeps the display flat upon opening and does not allow folding.

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Motorola RAZR 5G specifications

Motorola’s new foldable smartphone has a 6.2-inch OLED display, which can be folded. Apart from this, a second screen is also provided on the outside of the phone, which is 2.7 inches in size. Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor has been given in Motorola RAZR 5G for powerful performance. Talk about the camera, the phone’s primary camera has been given 48 megapixels and the selfie camera is 20 megapixels. This device has a 2800mAh battery, with support for 15W flash charging.

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