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MSK Prasad: Former Chief Selector Prasad said, sending an Indian team of 26 players to Australia is a good idea – Indian team of 26 players in australia is good idea, former chief selector msk prasad

MSK Prasad

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Former Chief Selector MSK Prasad feels that 14 days of mandatory isolation is correct before India's Test series against Australia begins. He said that due to this the BCCI may be obliged to send a big team like the West Indies and Pakistan. According to Prasad, it would be good if at least a 26-member strong team is sent to Australia for the series later this year where India and 'A' teams can be kept together for a month.

Pakistan followed up with a team of 29 players (including white ball specialists) to follow the Covid-19protocol in England and the West Indies team has 26 players. Prasad, who was the head of the selection committee till February, told PTI-language, “Team management and senior players will have a chance to see the youngsters who are ready to make a place in the team.”

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He said, 'In the process, you can also monitor these players who could be potential players for different places in future.' This team of 26 players will ensure that India can be divided into two groups. And a practice match can be played during isolation.

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Prasad said, “Because of Kovid we cannot rely on the net bowlers, it would be good to go with a big team as this will ensure the safety of all the players as they will be in a biologically secure environment.” If a Covid-19is found to be positive then players can be selected from this team as they must have spent isolation time. '

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Prasad, who has played 6 Tests, 17 ODIs for Team India, believes it will be good preparation for the main team as the first-choice batsmen will have many bowlers for bowling practice. He said, “Even for our main bowlers, they will also have new batsmen to bowl. For example, Shreyas Iyer is very aggressive and can sometimes be 'non-traditional'. He can bring a lot of diversity that the Australian batsmen probably have. '

Some reserve fast bowlers would also be ideal as the team's main bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav will not be tired in the absence of net bowlers. He said, “Also if the IPL is before this series then it would be better to take a big team because we have to be ready for 'back up', if someone gets injured or there is a minor injury in the IPL itself. '

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