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naslwad par bhadke kumar sangakkara; teach real history instead of a sanitised version; kumar sangakkara on racism – Kumar Sangakkara's strong message on racism; Speak

| | Updated: 23 Jul 2020, 06:08:00 PM IST

Kumar Sangakkara

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Former Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara has given a strong message to the world regarding the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, which has been going on around the world for some time. Players have also started speaking out on racism after the death of black civilian George Floyd in police custody in the US city of Minopolis in May. Even cricket is not untouched by this because many players have started speaking on this matter for some time.

In addition, the Black Lives Matter campaign has begun in England and West Indies cricketers as well as the logo on their shirt collars. Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara said that education without values ​​would not prevent discrimination. Sangakkara said that change can come only when teaching real history and some facts are not hidden in it.

Have seen many misdeeds done to the educated

Speaking on the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign, Sangakkara said, “It doesn't matter whether you are educated or not.” I have also seen some acts that were done by people with the best education. ”He told Cricbuzz,“ If your education is not based on values ​​and there is no morality in it then you will be in trouble. Education will not remove your favoritism, rather it will help you argue well. '

What is the case of death of George Floyd, on which America got burntWhat is the case of death of George Floyd, on which America got burnt

Skin color is not the only basis for differentiation

Sangakkara said that there are different types of racism and skin color is not the basis for discrimination. He said, 'If you talk about' Black Lives Matter '(Black lives also matter.), Racism and discrimination in the world, then I think the most important thing is to teach history to your children, as it is, Not a hidden version of it as it should be. We need to focus on the good, the bad and the ugly. '

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