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Neha Kakkar aditya narayan wedding: Udit Narayan speaks on Aditya’s wedding to singer Neha Kakkar – singer udit narayan talks about the wedding rumors of aditya narayan and neha kakkar

Neha Kakkar aditya narayan wedding: Udit Narayan speaks on Aditya's wedding to singer Neha Kakkar – singer udit narayan talks about the wedding rumors of aditya narayan and neha kakkar

Renowned singer of the 90s in the new season of Saregamapa Little Champ Udit Narayan Will be seen as a judge. In a long-running singing reality show, Udit will be seen alongside his contemporaries Kumar Shanu and Alka Yagnik as the trio on the judge’s chair. In this special meeting, he talks about his judging, marriage of his Rival Kumar Shanu, son Aditya and Anu Malik’s Meetu issue:

Which singers do you like today?

I will not lie to you. I like all the singers nowadays. There is a quality in everything. Singers like Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Nakash Aziz, Neha Kakkar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and many more. There are many other names, which I cannot remember at this time.

Why were you inspired to join Saregamapa Little Champ?

I became a judge many years ago in 2007 for a Sony TV show. I don’t consider myself right for a judge, because I am (laughing) a passionate person. Seeing anyone sing well, it seems that he can remain in the contest or singer show. But the show also has a system, which includes many factors. Voting takes place, there are many types of rounds. If one contestant starts singing better than the other, then there is a difference of 19–20 in giving them the marks. This was the reason that I have been ignoring him despite the offers of being judges for shows for many years. I occasionally go as a guest judge. This time when Zee TV again approached me for Saregamapa Little Champ and said that this time we will have Trio judges, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu and you. I asked him for some time to think. By the way, I have an old relationship with him. My sons Aditya Narayan He gave the stage to I felt that I would get along with my old comrades (Kumar Shanu and Alka Yagnik) along with polishing new talents. I just said yes.

Neha Kakkar and Jassi Gill's Punjabi song 'Lambogini' is in the trend
Neha Kakkar and Jassi Gill’s Punjabi song ‘Lambogini’ is in the trend

But there was a time when there used to be tremendous rivalry between you and Kumar Shanu?

You are absolutely right. But I entered the industry in 1988. I first sang in the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Then both my years like 1988-89 went well. Then came the film Aashiqui in 1990, in which Kumar Shanu appeared. Then the album became a hit and people liked my song too. It is true that there was a very strong fight between Kumar Sanu and me. I would call it healthy competition, which lasted for a long time. He also enjoyed a lot. He too was dominated by his teenage voice. Alka Yagnik was with us from above. Only three of us had strong and healthy competition.

One thing we hear about Bollywood singers is that despite recording many of their songs, they are dubbed into the voices of other singers. Have you had to go through such a bitter experience?

If I tell you the truth, then competition and competition have been there in all times. If a producer or director spends his money, it depends on his choice of who he chooses. But the sensible people in the same place will understand that the singer whom we have taken this happened to me thousands of times, but I never took it as a rejection. When you come into the world of this name-fame, you have to drink many such bitter sips. This happened to me many times and if I were to name those songs today, you would think that how could my family do this to me? My close friend did this to me. Well, I do not think bad of anyone, because what I have written in my case, I will get it and what will not be available.

Himansh Kohli spoke on his relationship with Neha Kakkar
Himansh Kohli spoke on his relationship with Neha Kakkar

You gave superhit songs in several films with composer Anu Malik. His name also figured in the Meetu issue. What would you like to say?

I will not comment on anyone’s personal life. I would definitely say that Anu Malik ji is also my friend. I used to visit them during my struggle time. He also gave me lots of love later, gave very good songs. We have a very good relationship. I cannot answer the rest of these questions, because I do not know what happened to them. How did everything happen? It is not possible for me to say anything on this.

Your son Aditya Narayan is very much liked as a host and is also taking shape as a singer?

This very beautiful question. Aditya is my only son. I am very proud of him. Earlier I did not praise Aditya. He was a loving child since childhood. But when he grew up, he did his graduation from Mithibai College. He told me that I have to go to London to learn vocal music, then I sent him there for 2 years. But mistakes happen to every human being, then he learns by going. Once or twice when Aditya’s name came to the Controversy, I did not talk to him and thought he would learn this from himself in his life. Being a singer, actor and anchor, my son has become intelligent.

Neha Kakkar keeps herself fit like this
Neha Kakkar keeps herself fit like this

Nowadays news is going on that you are going to be father-in-law, the talk of Aditya and Neha Kakkar’s wedding is everywhere? What would you like to say?

Neha Kakkar is a very sweet girl. She sings very beautiful songs. I also like Neha very much. Not only me but people also like it. I really like them, they have made a great name for themselves. I also keep listening to his songs. Both of them (Aditya-Neha) are also pairing up, the rest is unknown to me. All this news is going on TV, but if it gets married, I would love to see a female singer joining my family in my house.

Neha Kakkar in depression after breakup, herself told on social media
Neha Kakkar in depression after breakup, herself told on social media


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