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New Born Baby created panic after coming into the world, this picture is becoming very viral on social media

A New Born Baby has created panic on social media as soon as it is born. A black and white picture of him is becoming very viral, removing the face of Dr. From the web to WhatsApp, people are sharing this picture fiercely.

What is special in this kind of picture
People are considering this picture of New Born Baby as a ray of hope during the Corona situation. In the picture, the baby is trying to remove the surgical cleft from Dr.’s face after being born. This picture has been shared by UAE vocalist doctor Sameer Cheeb on Instagram. Sharing the picture, Dr. Sameer Cheeb wrote, ‘We all need only a hint that our faces will be removed soon.’

People are giving different reactions to this picture on social media. Most people are taking the picture as a symbol of hope that soon the corona crisis will be over and everything back to normal in the world.

Corona has often become an important part of our lives in times of circumstance. Faculty wear has become very important to avoid infection. The mask is a 'weapon' that is helping us fight this epidemic. Although most people have recovered. Perhaps this is why most of the mouth wearers are seeing a ray of hope after seeing this picture of the New Born Baby that soon everything will be back to normal.

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