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New game Valheim giving tough competition to PUBG Mobile, more than 5 lakh players so far


  • The game overtook many older games as they entered the market.
  • Created many new records
  • A video game called Valheim

It is too early to say anything about whether the PUBG game will make a comeback in India. Last year, several Chinese apps including Publish games were also banned. Then it was believed that Pabji would return again in the beginning of this year, but so far there are no such prospects. Now recently a video game named Valheim has appeared. The game has outdone many old games and created many new records as they hit the market. In terms of popularity, this game cannot be called more than PUBG, but it cannot be said too much. Valheim Game has been launched in the market on February 2, so obviously it is not as old as Pabji. Currently, early access to this game is available in the market. The Valheim Game game has sold 2 million copies within just 2 weeks of its launch and has 5 lakh concurrent players so far.
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Game Features:
Valheim is a Viking-themed multi-player game when it comes to games. It has become quite popular in a short time. Early access to this game is currently available. Swedish game developer Iron Gate AB designed Valheim. Currently, only computer users can use this game.

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Popular due to easy
When anything is popular when it is easy to understand and its style is also excellent. Something similar has happened with this game, it can be played quite easily, ie no rocket science is needed to understand it. This game can be played on single player mode or PvE mechanism. If you talk about PvE, then ten players can play in it simultaneously. Talking about the game, the player goes into a battle. In the game the player has to collect wood and build a house. Apart from this, things like bench craft and capfire have to be done. The player has to eat food to retain his power. In this game the player has to hunt animals. If you are playing this game for the first time then you should not play alone but with the group. This is a skill survival game, so you will need a skill to play it.
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Better than these games
If compared to the Valheim game, it has more popularity than games like Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto 5. On the other hand, if we talk about Steam, here Valheim has also defeated PUBG Mobile. Valheim has gained so many concurrent players in a few weeks, for PUBG Mobile, which took 3 months to reach. Talking about the price, you can buy this game from Steam for Rs 529.

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