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Nokia phone caught under pillow caught fire, man injured

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A 53-year-old man, who lives in Kerala, suffered burns after burning in his mobile phone. The mobile fire incident occurred while he was under the pillow. Chandra Babu, a resident of Ochira in Kollam, Kerala, broke the mobile under his pillow while he was sleeping on Monday morning. He is an autorickshaw driver. He was using a Nokia feature phone.

Chandra Babu said, “After dropping a Trivandrum International Airport, a passenger traveled a long way and reached home. I was very tired, so I slept deeply. ‘ A report by Manorama claimed that according to Babu, the phone was not engaged on charging when the incident occurred. He also said that he was not wearing a shirt while sleeping.

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Babu further said, ‘I started having severe pain in my shoulder and I started to sleep. When I looked at the pillow on the bed, there was a fire where I kept the phone and a spark was coming out of the phone. At the time this incident happened, I was alone at home. And then I went to a nearby government hospital for treatment. ‘

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According to Babu, he has not yet understood how the device caught fire. But they tell people that never keep the phone under your pillow at bedtime. He said that many people contacted me after this incident. The fire may have started due to friction, whatever it may be, but it is not safe to keep the phone under the pillow at bedtime.

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