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Now the watch will tell how much alcohol has been consumed, a new feature coming soon in Apple Watch

New Delhi. If you are an Apple user and wear an Apple Watch, then you will always be waiting for a new smartwatch. Yes, if you are waiting for a new smartwatch, then we are telling you how features can come in this new Apple Watch. Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging in a dynamic environment with performance enhancement using an ambient sensor in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in February 2021. Filed a title patent.

It was clear from this patent that Apple may work on blood sugar reading. Which may feature a glucose level reading feature in the upcoming Apple Watch. Recently UK based health tech firm Rockley Photonics has clarified that Apple has been associated with the company for the last two years. This company mainly performs blood glucose level tracking.

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Chances are that this feature will come in Apple Watch

According to media reports, in a recent SEC filing, Rockley Photonics has described Apple as its biggest customer. This shows that Apple is working on this technology and can bring it to its device, which is more likely that this feature will come in the Apple Watch. Apple already offers heart rate monitor and SpO2 monitor in its watch.

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Focus on tracking alcohol level as well

  • In addition to tracking blood glucose levels, Rockley is also focusing on tracking blood pressure and alcohol levels. It can be expected that both of these features can come in the upcoming Apple Watch, but this is just a guess.
  • Stress and alcohol intake can also be tracked by measuring blood pressure. In such a situation, keeping this price right will also be a very important task. Last year Apple introduced its Watch in two series Watch 6 and Watch SE. Now, soon with the new features, users can get a premium watch, which is going to get a different experience.
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