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October actress Banita Sandhu says that she always has to stay away from negativity

Banita Sandhu has issued clarification on reports refusing treatment at a government hospital in Kolkata after testing positive for coronovirus. In a note shared on Instagram, Banita has stated that she was never diagnosed with the disease.

Banita, who arrived in Kolkata in early January for the shooting of her films Kavita and Teresa, said she had tested negative in several Covid-19tests before and after coming to India. ‘I appreciate all the wishes and concerns, however, despite what has been published, I am grateful to say that I continue to test negative for coronovirus. To clarify some misinformation: I flew to Kolkata on 3 January to finish filming Kavita and Teresa. I had two negative COVID-19 PCR tests before leaving. I tested again on arrival and remained in isolation at the CNCI hospital overnight until my results returned the next day, one false positive and the other negative, ‘she wrote.

However, when she found out that despite receiving negative results, she was made to separate with two Covid-19positive patients, she transferred to a private hospital. 'I was taken to Bailghata Hospital to do more tests. However, after being informed that I would be alienated with two COVID-19 positive patients, I asked to self-isolate in a private facility while I was waiting to be tested again. At Medica, I continued to release negative COVID-19 PCR results every two days; I was discharged on 11 January. '

Banita is still grateful to all that the medical staff is doing during the epidemic. I understand the seriousness of the situation and have made every effort to follow government guidelines to ensure the safety of others. Also, I would like to especially thank all the medical staff. I have seen for the first time how tireless they are trying. They are real heroes who deserve a lot of credit for their extraordinary commitment to helping us through these incredibly challenging times. All be safe, 'she wrote.

On 5 January, sources in the health department had said Banita tested positive and refused to come out of the ambulance, alleging that the hospital lacked proper infrastructure. 'We had to inform the state secretariat and the health department because she was not ready to come out of the ambulance and at one point of time, she wanted to leave. The British High Commission was informed as we cannot let it go in a manner which is against the protocol. We also had to inform the police. The officer said that they (police personnel) came and surrounded the ambulance so that it could not go out.

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