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Online Scam: Beware of email giving gifts in the new year

Online Scam: Beware of email giving gifts in the new year, forgery through fake links – be alert from start your 2020 with a gift from us

Cases of online fraud are continuously increasing. In the latest case, fraud is being attempted by sending users luring emails. In this, hackers are luring users free gifts in the new year. In this scam named ‘Start your 2020 with a gift from us’, along with accessing the personal data of the users, money can also be stolen from their bank account. Hackers send emails to their victims for forgery. This email contains a link on which users are asked to click. Hackers have prepared this email very cleverly and the link in it looks very real in appearance.

Greed for macbook in gift

In some cases, these hackers have lured users of the MacBook as a gift. Along with this, these hackers are also targeting those users who are waiting for the parcel coming from another country. Researchers associated with a security firm said, ‘Sometimes users get emails saying that the delivery of their items is delayed due to security checks. Along with this, hackers also demand delivery charge in email. Researcher said that these hackers also send a courier tracking code and a link in the email to assure the users.

Fake email of courier company

Experts say that through these emails, hackers easily trick any user into their fraud because in appearance these emails look exactly like emails sent by a courier company. Another feature of these emails is that hackers prepare them differently for every user.

Money stolen from fake payment gateway

On clicking the link you will be redirected to a fake webpage. This fake webpage is used for payment. Using this link for payment can also result in theft of money from users’ account. Let us know that recently, Kaspersky released a report about forgery through online shopping. It said that 14% of Indian users were victimized by malware named ‘Shopper’.

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