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OTT Round Up – A Simple Murder, Bechu Ki Khel, Mum Bhai Makes It Crime-Centric Thrilling Week, Drama Continue With Dark 7 White

By Joginder Tuteja

It was a thrilling week for the OTT medium, with three web series running. These were A Simple Murder, Bechu Ke Khel and Mama Bhai. While the first played on the Sony Live list, the other two were on ZEE5 and ALT Balaji.

A simple murder is surprising to the weather. Siddhant has an affair with Sushant Singh and Amit Sial in the roles of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Priya Anand as the main protagonist, a dark comedy in which a murder is wrong. The special thing about this 7 episode series is that it is a properly done comic venture during its duration. With each episode close to 30 minutes, it is also a quick fire case as the overall duration is just around 3 hours.

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The web series is about an economically struggling couple who get a chance to grab bags worth more than Rs 5 crore. However, this mullah is also followed by two murderers, who are behind all the havoc with Guru-cum-goon, Yashpal Sharma. A comedy of mistake escalates with misrecognition, good bad, bad turns, good enemies, changing enemies, saving enemies, and money from one episode to another.

It is impressive to see how director Sachin Pathak has changed the entire grammar of the story compared to Rangbaz Phir Se. While Jimmy Shirgil and Sharad Kalkar starrer was a rustic affair, it is a metropolitan affair with Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub and Priya Anand as a modern-day duo reminiscent of Rajat Kapoor School of Filmmaking. For big city audiences, this makes for an attractive watch.

The other two web series, Beechu Ka Khiladi and Mam Bhai were also focused on crime. While Banaras was founded in the former, the latter has Mumbai as its base. For Divyendu Sharma, this is a double bill affair after Bichu’s game with Mirzapur 2. This time the actor leads the show to unravel the murder of his father. Although one would have expected matters to take a serious look, the work that goes into the making of this Ekta Kapoor is that there is a good dose of humor through the narrative.

Of course, as is the case with most OTT cases, it is also full of lots of experience as well as loving scenes, so one needs to look carefully. However, the inner audience, who like his show, wants to run fast with the right to be entertained through the narrative, this Ashish R. Shukla (Underkey, who has come on Sony Live) directed the 9 episode series (which was done for about 15-20 minutes each) becoming a ‘masala’ watch.

The same is true for Mam Bhai, a dramatic action thriller on the lines of Ekta Kapoor’s Shootout franchise from home. The first director in the series, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Apoorva Lakhia, is one of the writers of Mama Bhai with Angad Bedi and Sikander Kher coming together. In keeping with the retro feel of the series, there are a lot of dialogues, which again work for the public. In Bollywood Parliament, it would have made for an attractive single screen affair.

Directed by Akshay Chaubey, the man behind Code M. [Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, Rajat Kapoor] Which was released on ZEE5 earlier this year, Mummy Bhai has maintained good production values ​​over the course of 12 episodes, especially in cinematography, which hovers around 20 minutes each. Nevertheless, the Xlatives are abundant, meaning that it is primarily intended for mature audiences.

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At a time when ZEE5 and ALT Balaji are coming with more and more offerings, Dark 7 is White which arrives on both platforms on 24 November. Nevertheless, it is the thriller genre that is being explored, and has plenty of dramatic elements as well as a good dose of suspense as well as humor.

The series promises to be breathtaking as it narrates the story of the young chief minister [Sumeet Vyas] Who gets killed. The officer in charge of the investigation is Jatin Sarna, who has the task of rounding up seven suspects, topping it on the list. Nidhi Singh, who has been quite livelier on the OTT medium over the years, is well on as the main protagonist in this web series, which is directed by Satwik Mohanty. One waits to see what he has to offer in his first web series offering.

Joginder Tuteja is a trade expert and film critic, and loves to talk and write about anything related to films. Views are personal.

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