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Password Fund! Will never be a victim of online fraud, hackers will also join hands, just keep these 4 things in mind

New Delhi. The number of internet users is increasing day by day in India for the last few years. Since the advent of the new generation on the Internet, the problem of hacking has also increased. It is often seen that people complain about online fraud, but due to some carelessness, they ignore them. Even after getting caught in the fraud, people do not know that creating easy passwords makes the job of hackers much easier. Users should make the password in such a way that even hackers cannot break it easily. Today we are giving you some tips to create strong passwords to combat fraudsters.

1. Set Password like this: If you want to create a strong password, you should have 8 characters in it. For strong passwords, you should have one upper case and one lower case letter. It should also include numbers and symbols. Never create a password that can be easily guessed. You must not include your personal information such as name, address, phone number, email, etc. in the password. The biggest thing is that you should change the password after some time. If you have shared your password with others for some work, then it should be changed immediately.

2. Never use these in passwords: This is something you need to pay attention to if you want to include some easy to remember passwords. Some users use their mobile number, date of birth as password. But you do not know that hackers can easily get them and your password is decoded. Any hacker first apply these 3 information to guess the password and they get success in that. In such a situation, you should note that your name, date of birth or mobile number should never be included in the password.

3. Password must be different: What happens many times is that people use the same password for their different digital platforms, but this habit can put you in danger. If a hacker finds out the password of one of your accounts, he will be able to gain access to all digital accounts. So the password should always be different for different platforms. This can reduce the chances of hacking. If the password is simple then hackers can easily gain access to your account.

4. By doing this, hackers will not be able to target you: If you want to keep your social media accounts and other digital accounts away from hackers, then in addition to letters and numbers, special characters should also be used in the password. You should write down all your passwords in one place and look from there in case you forget. The password should be different for each platform. In this way you can keep the account away from hackers.

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