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Pat Cummins admitted, made racist comments on black people, but now …

Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine has said he used to ignore things before the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign, while vice-captain Pat Cummins has admitted to making painful remarks against blacks, which he now regrets.

The outlook changed in 12 months
Penn said he did not think much about the racism problem because it did not affect him, but the BLM campaign changed his perspective. “ESPNcricinfo” quoted Penn as saying, “My outlook changed in the last 12 months after the launch of the Black Lives Matter campaign.”

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Pen said – opened my eyes
He said, ‘If I were to say it honestly, I was probably the person who ignored things a little bit and maybe it was not part of my world so it was not a big issue for me.’ Penn said, ‘Opened my eyes to the issues of things and our native inhabitants, uncultured people and people of different cultures around the world. ‘

Cummins’s advice to youth
When asked how he helped the youth in dealing with racism, Cummins said, “Think a few seconds before you do what you are saying or doing.” You try to tell a joke and I have done so in the past. The fast bowler said, ‘You make a comment and after that make sure that you really look into it. I did not believe it, I did not know why I said it and I hated how that person felt because of me. ‘

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Talked to teammates
Penn said he talked to his teammates about his experience and it helped him understand things better. He said, ‘But after this campaign I took the time to talk to my teammates – does it happen in Tasmania or Hurricanes or club cricket? – what do they feel about it and what will it do to them is.’

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