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People think Dogcoin fans have always been lit.

DogCoin’s fanfare exploded during the first half of 2021, often mentioning the property in Elon Musk’s tweet. The coin has seen significant growth in 2021, with its price rising in 2021, although this is hardly the first bout of enthusiasm over Dogecoin (DOGE).

In early 2014, a video surfaced titled “Dogcoin-Powered Airport Investment Party! (2013),” posted on a YouTube channel titled ” Gary Lakhanse. “Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party recently attacked Vancouver International Airport, sharing the insanity of the DDP with hundreds of more air travelers,” the video’s description says.

The video featured a large number of people, some in yellow, dancing around the sound of music. Some participants have headset microphones to communicate with the public.

The DDP stands for “decentralized dance party” according to ABC’s prior coverage of that type of event. Gary Lakhanse The YouTube channel also posted an ABC reporting segment in 2013. Other DDP events also occurred, although they did not appear to be DOGE-themed based on coverage.

A different video, posted by Korandogulas on Youtube, Another 2014 party dedicated to DOGE shows, which attracted all types of people interested in the property for a variety of reasons.

DOGE spiked an astronomical price increase in 2021, which is less than $ 0.70 per coin based on CoinMarketCap price numbers.

Other retro DOGE-related videos also exist on YouTube, including a 2014 music video titled “D is for Dogecoin” and posted by the YouTube channel ZimoNitrome. A tune of the channel Dunderpatrullen Called “To the Moon” which is against the backdrop of a cartoon dog riding a rocket.

DOGE came into existence in 2013 and carries an eventful past. Despite late price increases, the asset comes with significant inflation, as miners add millions of DOGE to the market on a daily basis. The property also does not have a maximum supply. According to CoinMarketCap, it currently has more than 129 billion DOGEs in circulation. On the other hand, bitcoin (BTC) has a maximum supply of 21 million coins, making it a comparatively rare asset.

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