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phone hacking: your spying on the phone's camera and mic? This app will catch you instantly – this android app can tell you when other apps on your phone use microphone or camera in background

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Many of the apps in your smartphone keep working in the background and also access the phone's camera and mic in the background. This way your risk of spying also increases. You won't even know if your phone's mic or camera is being used and an app can hear or see you. Android users can only find out with the help of an app that they do not know if the phone's mic or camera is being accessed in the background without knowing.

Apple, the iPhone maker company, has brought a very useful feature in its latest iOS 14. As soon as an app starts using the iPhone's mic or camera in the background, an indicator shows the users with the help of this feature. This shows when the iPhone mic or camera is being used in the background. Android users are also vulnerable to spying and many such cases have been reported. An app can perform monitoring for Android users.

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This is how a special app works

If you are an Android user, you can install the Access Dots app on your device. As soon as an app in the phone starts using the camera or mic, this free app shows a small dot-like indicator in the corner of your screen. If you see a green or orange color indicator, you can check which apps are working in the background, or are spying on you.

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Download from play store

Access Dots is quite small in app size and works perfectly. You can download it for free from Google Play Store. The camera appears in the app access dot green color and microphone access dot orange color. It is a very useful tool and gives you additional privacy. Google gives better security with app permissions than before, but this small app makes monitoring work easier.

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