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Play YouTube in background, songs won’t stop, other apps will also be used with this trick


  • You will be able to use other apps while listening to songs on YouTube
  • If you want to lock the smartphone then do that too
  • Video will continue to play

YouTube is still a popular app providing free music among users. Although in today’s time there have come a lot of apps and sites that provide a lot of free music online, but all these have not reduced the craze of YouTube. Whenever it comes to listening to songs while watching videos, YouTube is the first name. If you have internet on your phone, you can watch videos and listen to songs for free. By the way, YouTube has also started its paid subscription, in which users get premium features on a monthly charge. But when it comes to other work while listening to songs on YouTube or accessing other apps in the smartphone, this is not possible. If you too often face the same problem, then we are telling you about a trick that will enable you to use other apps while listening to songs on YouTube. That is, by following this trick, users will be able to access YouTube in the background.

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How to use Android smartphone:
To run YouTube in the background on Android smartphones, follow this step by step process.
For this, the users have to first go to Google Chrome bauger in their smartphone and search YouTube.
After this, when YouTube opens, there will be three dots in the top left and top corner. Click on these dots.
After clicking on the three dots a list of options will appear. At the bottom of this list, click on the desktop site option.
After clicking on the desktop site, play the song or video of your choice. After this, you have to come back by pressing the home button.
After doing this, open the notification panel in the smartphone. Here you will see an option to play the video. When you click on the play button, after that the video will start again and now you will be able to enjoy the video in the background itself.
Now if you want, you can use another app or if you want to lock the smartphone too, then do that too, because now the video will continue to play in every situation and you can use the notification panel to control it in a locked phone. Huh.

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How to use Apple iPhone:
Follow this step by step process to run YouTube in background in Apple iPhone.
Apple iPhone user has to first search YouTube by running in Safari browser or Google Chrome to run YouTube in background in iPhone.
After YouTube arrives, aA will appear in the top left of the iPhone.
Now tap this aA logo, after which click on the request desktop website.
After clicking on the request desktop website you can play any song or video and come back by pressing the home button.
After the video is played, the notification panel has to come up and there will be an option to play the video again. Clicking on the play button, the video will start playing again, after which the video will be enjoyed in the background itself.
Now you can play the video by locking the iPhone and control it from the notification panel. At the same time, if you want to use another app, you can do that too.

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