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PUBG Mobile India vs FAU-G: Know what will be the difference between the two games?

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PUBG was the best game app for players playing Battleground or other fighting games on mobile, but after it was banned in India, people are now eyeing FAU-G, which is being considered as the homegrown version of PUBG, which will launch in the coming times. It is going to happen. At the same time, news of PUBG Mobile India being launched in India keeps on coming again and again. In such a situation, it is important to know whether PUBG Mobile India can be launched in India and when will Fauji be launched in India? Also it is important to know what is the difference between PUBG Mobile India and military games?

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What used to be in pub
Before the ban in India, the battle of the battle royal game pubaji was speaking to the heads of the people. Users of this mobile game used to fight either alone or in groups of two or 4 friends from the rest of the groups alone or with friends and after winning, one by one showed their flames in different leagues in the battleground. During this time, they used to get different types of weapons and by applying their money, they could modify and improve these weapons or battle vans.

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Pabji’s show in India

Haven’t seen such madness anywhere
People used to do two or two hands in the battleground with players from all over the world. Due to this format of PUBG, there was a tremendous craze in the people. Thousands of users blew hundreds of thousands or millions of rupees during this game, which also put different pressure on PUBG. However, in the face of the India-China dispute, this game app was banned and millions of PUBG users were left clinging, but they hope that PUBG Mobile India will be launched soon and enjoy this dangerous game again Will be able to

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PUBG Mobile India vs FAU-G 2

PUBG’s desi avatar is coming soon

How will FAU-G play?
In the FAU-G i.e. Fearless and United: Guard game, which is being considered as a domestic pub, people will have to be a part of the special unit of FAU-G Commandos. This will be a team of brave army squads, who will protect the country by fighting enemies on the border. The soldiers of the special unit of the army will face enemies from time to time and they will save the country from terrorists by putting their lives. Military app developer says that this game is dedicated to Indian soldiers, who do not hesitate to stake their lives for border security.

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