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PUBG mobile lite update: one year of PUBG mobile lite, special weapon update – pubg mobile lite gets new update on its first anniversary

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PUBG Mobile Lite is getting 0.18.0 update. The company is rolling out this update to celebrate the first anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Many new features have been given in this update. By changing the Northwest side of the Varenga map, the company has added many new things. Apart from this, you will also get new weapons and Arena map in this update. Users will get this update of PUBG Lite, display improvements and some other changes in this update.

Install new update like this

PubG Mobile Lite version 0.18.0 is available on Google Play Store. Users can install a new update by visiting the Play Store. Let us tell you that the company launched PubG Lite for lower and smartphones a year ago.

What's new in the update?

As you said earlier, this update will see many changes in the Northwest side of the Warranga Map. Slow moving cable cars have also been added to the map. Which can be transported from one location to another. Birds Eye View will also be available for the area below.

You will get these new weapons

Many new weapons users are going to get in PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.18.0. It includes the P90 sub machine gun and MP5K. You will get MP5K in classic mode. In Arena mode, integrated vault function, sliding function and grenade indicator will be available. Attachments for pistols can now be added to sub-machine guns.

Apart from this, M16 rifles can now be acquired with stock.

546MB is the size of PUBG Mobile Light

PUBG Mobile Light Company launched a year ago for budget and low end smartphones. It can be downloaded for free on the Play Store in India. The standard version size of PUBG Mobile is 1.8GB, while the size of PUBG Lite is just 546MB less than half its size.

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