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PUBG Mobile users strongly criticized FAU-G game, spoiled game ratings


  • Number of downloads of Fau-G 542,616
  • Only one mode currently available in FAU-G game
  • FAU-G Gaming Experience Absolutely Dull

The players of PUBG Mobile India were very angry with the government’s decision under which PUBG was banned in the country by the Government of India. The Indian game FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) was launched to compete this game. The players had high expectations about this game but according to many players, this game has not met their expectations.

The game was launched on 26 January, Republic Day. Ever since the game was launched, many gamers of PUBG Mobile India have given it a very low rating on the Google Play Store. Due to which the average ranking of this game is 3 out of 5. Players say that this game is not being liked due to poor interface and lack of variety. This is the reason why this game is not liked by the players much.

Initially when the game was launched, the game was downloaded over three million times on the Google Play store. At the same time, the number of downloads of this game is 542,616. But the rating given to this game is becoming a major concern. FAU-G had a rating of 4.5 when it was launched.

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But those who like PUBG Mobile India more, this game is constantly being given 1 star rating. Let us tell you that the FAU-G rating on the Google Play Store has dropped to three out of five. Players have uncovered the flaws of this game.

Users do not like these features:

A single mode is currently available in FAU-G games. No further update has been provided. There is also a shortage of weapons in this. Players also say that it is extremely difficult to fight without a hand in hand. This makes the FAU-G Gaming Experience absolutely dull. PUBG lacks many action modes, like the one given in Battle Battle.

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Users annoyed by PUBG’s global update:

On the other hand, Indian players are very angry with the global updates being given to PUBG Mobile. However, many users are downloading PUBG via a secure VPN via this link (https://web.gpubgm.com/m/Website/xiaobao/PUBGMOBILE_Global_1.2.0_uawawelling/apk). This is a 624 MB file. If users do this, they may receive a pop-up of the Restricted Area over and over again.

However, the game has been banned by the government last year. In such a situation it is illegal to play this game. You can also be fined if you are seen downloading this game on the phone by the authorities.

Learn about FAU-G game:

The main focus or highlight of the FAU-G game is on liner missions and episodes. This serves to enhance the episode. It has multiplayer modes. The first episode of this game will focus on Galvan Valley. In this, Indian soldiers have to fight the enemy army in the valley. It also has a special unit. They patrol the dangerous border area. They have to defeat the enemy face to face.

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