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R. Madhavan completes aromatic non-hybrid coconut project in Tamil Nadu

R. Madhavan has completed his coconut growing project in Palani, Tamil Nadu. The actor took to his verified Twitter account to share the news with fans on Tuesday.

Sharing photos of the coconut trees, he wrote: “Eventually the coconut growing project in Palani-Tamil Nadu was completed. So satisfying to prove a theory. Many congratulations and love to the new local owners. us-Sad for leaving this wonderful holy place. Thank you all in Palani. “

Highlighting his project, he shared: “It was a fantastic project in which we grow super sweet and fragrant non-hybrid but pure dwarf varieties of coconuts on almost wastelands. Soon to put an article and paper for all the locals . “

The actor also interacted with netizens and answered their questions.

Responding to a user, he asked if coconut trees can be grown in Maharashtra using the same method, Madhavan wrote: “All the better .. I think .. The soil conditions in Maharashtra are perfect.” . These plants do well with a pH of 5 to 8. “

Reacting to another user who urged them not to cultivate, the actor wrote: “Not giving at all .. Going into expansion mode …. All lessons learned and theories proved. Its Also the local owners wanted to enjoy. ” The fruits of our labor. ”

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