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Racial bias in football broadcast: Football players union accuses of racist discrimination during broadcast – football players union points on racial bias in broadcasts over research

Edited By Tarun Vats | Agencies | Updated: 30 Jun 2020, 03:50:00 PM IST

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Football players' unions in England believe that the language used by commentators in European leagues during the broadcast of matches reflects racial discrimination. Danish research company Runripeit has conducted research with the Association of Professional Footballers (PFA).

It has shown that the appreciation of players' prudence is associated with white players in 63 per cent of the cases, while the criticism of the prudence of the players includes black players in 63 per cent of the targets. In this research it has also been found that on 60 per cent occasions, white sportspersons are appreciated for their work.

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This research researched 80 matches of the top leagues of Italy, Spain and France in addition to the Premier League this season. During this period, 2073 statements from broadcasters working in media companies in the UK, US and Canada and speaking in English were analyzed.

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It also stated that commentators are almost seven times more likely to refer to black players in terms of strength, while black players are referred to three times more often in terms of speed.

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