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Rahul Gandhi said on the tenth graph of GDP growth – ‘Even Pakistan has handled the destruction of Donna better than us’

new Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the central government on the issue of economy and corona conditions. This time he has attacked the center, comparing India with the situation of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Sharing the GDP graph of many countries, Rahul wrote, ‘Another achievement of the BJP government. Pakistan and Afghanistan also fought the Corona crisis better than India. ‘

Rahul has shared a graph created by quoting data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In this graph, India’s GDP has been estimated at 10.30 per decline. While Afghanistan’s GDP is projected to fall by 5 percent and Pakistan’s GDP by 0.40 percent.

India's GDP declined by 10.5 percent
Discussions have started after the IMF predicted that Bangladesh would overtake India in per capita GDP in 2020. As India's growth rate declines, it will lag behind Bangladesh in per capita GDP. However, the IMF has also said that it will increase in India next year.

According to the IMF's World Economic Report, India's per capita GDP declined by 10.5 per cent in this financial year ending 31 March 2021. This will make India the third poorest country in South Asia, lagging behind only Pakistan and Nepal in terms of poverty. Now Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives will have higher per capita GDP than India.

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