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Save your life yourself because PM is busy with Peacock tightened Rahul Gandhi

Save your life yourself because PM is busy with Peacock tightened Rahul Gandhi

new Delhi: Rahul Gandhi may be in the US right now, but from there he is not leaving an opportunity to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time he has again attacked the PM through a tweet about the Corona issue and the timing of the lockdown. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taunted the videos and pictures posted about peacocks at his government residence and said that if PM is busy with peacocks then people will have to save their own lives.

Rahul Gandhi wrote today in a tweet that “Corona infection figures will cross 50 lakhs this week and active case 10. Unplanned lockdown is a product of a person’s ego causing Corona to spread across the country. Modi government said to be self-reliant That is “. Will live on his own because PM is busy with Peacock “

Terrible state of corona infection in the country

Let us know that the infection of coronavirus has reached a terrible state in the country and the number of daily cases is going to reach near one lakh. The lockdown imposed in the Corona Canners round has now opened and the weekend lockdown has also been abolished in most parts of the country.

PM Modi did a video post

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently posted a video and some pictures in which he is seen very easily around the peacock. It was posted on Android and it received a lot of likes and comments. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was criticized for tweeting such activity in such a crisis.

Fastest growing corona case in India, 92 thousand new cases in 24 hours, 1136 different deaths

On the first day of the monsoon session of Parliament, Prime Minister Modi said, the whole house stands with the brave soldiers of the country.

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