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Rajasthan Royals shared such a meme on captain Steve Smith, had to be clarified

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IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals has made it clear that Steven Smith will remain its captain for the league’s 13th season. Rajasthan Royals, sharing a meme, intensified the speculation that captaincy responsibility was being given to wicketkeeper batsman Jose Butler, but later issued an explanation saying that the meme he posted , He was just for fun.

The Rajasthan Royals shared a meme based on the popular television show- The Office on their Twitter handle, showing Butler. On this tweet, Rajasthan Royals wrote that we thank the boss like Jose. After this, the speculation on social media intensified that now Butler will be the captain of Rajasthan Royals.

The funny thing is that this tweet from Rajasthan Royals came just hours after his own Ian Morgan replaced Dinesh Karthik as the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders.

The team, which won the IPL in 2008, later clarified that it was just a joke and has no intention of changing its captain at the moment and Smith will continue to captain the side for the rest of the matches.

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