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‘Ramlila’ actor Gulshan Devaiah’s ‘Ek Threat’ sounds like; Inside details

Mumbai: Actor Gulshan Devaiah, best known for his performances in films like ‘Shaitan’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Mard ko dar nahi hai’ and others, is extremely upset with a die-hard fan these days. The Unposed ‘actor is beginning to feel threatened by his life. Sharing his problem on social media, Gulshan has written that one of his fans has been harassing him for some time and later needs more than he knows. Devaiya further said that the fan goes everywhere to meet them.

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When contacted by ABP News about this problem, Gulshan Devaiah said that he is very upset with his fan. The ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram-Leela’ actor said, “I respect my fans and their feelings very much. It is not a big deal to meet them. But now the water has crossed the limits. A fan of mine reaches everywhere Is, even where he shouldn’t be. He knows everything about me that he shouldn’t know. This particular thing has been bothering me for a long time. Considering the situation, I decided now Have done that I will not tolerate this anymore. That is why I have warned them on Twitter. “

Gulshan Devaiah also went to his Instagram account and shared a long note of warning. The note read, “I have a fan, whose identity I will protect for now, who honestly does not understand the boundaries despite me and is repeatedly requesting that person to do so.” I feel a little upset and a little upset for myself, my cats, friends and family because that person knows a lot about me, because I am comfortable. I am very accommodating, agreeable and always request to take a picture or have a little chat, but .. it is a little beyond my level of patience. You know who you are ! I sincerely appeal to you !! Please please don’t do anything stupid because I am not going to sit silent after that. There will be consequences. as-Salam-Alaikum.”

When asked by ABP News about the identity of the harassing fan, he said, “At the moment I don’t want to make the person’s identity public. I want to limit the matter to a warning, but one thing is certain, now I will not tolerate this madness. “

Will you complain about this case to Mumbai Police or have you thought about doing so?

He said, ‘I am not going to complain to the police at the moment. I’ll just wait and see. I want that person to understand me with love. And if he still does not understand and does such work, the result will not be good. “

Despite being questioned by ABP News, Gulshan refused to reveal the identity of his eccentric fan, as well as in detail about all of his fan’s activities.

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