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Ready to stop WhatsApp? In this way, transfer group chats to Signal app

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently changed its privacy policy which needs to be approved. If the policy is not approved by the users till February 8, then their account will be deleted. The company started sending app-in-notifications to users. This indicates that users’ data will be shared with Facebook. In this message it has been told how WhatsApp will collect the details of the users and how they will share them with other companies. In such a situation, questions are being raised in the minds of the users about their privacy.

Many users are unhappy with this WhatsApp policy and are exploring other options. Many users are gradually moving towards alternatives like Signal or Telegram. If you talk about Signal app, then this app is becoming very popular among users. Many users have started trending towards WhatsApp and they are transferring their data to other apps. In such a situation, if you want to transfer your WhatsApp group chats to the Signal app, then in this article we are telling you how to do it. Let’s know how to transfer WhatsApp group chats to the Signal app.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Group Chats to Signal App:

  1. First of all, you have to download and install the Signal app from Google Play Store. After this, a group has to be created on Signal. You must add at least one person to it.
  2. After this you have to go to the group settings of Signal. Then you have to tap on the group link option given here.
  3. After this you have to turn on the toggle given on the group link. Then tap on Share. Here you will get a group link.
  4. Any user who accesses this link can chat in the Signal group only after the permission of the administrator. The Signal company has stated that the administrator can close the link at any time. Not only WhatsApp, but Admin users will be able to share this link in other apps to bring them onboard.

For this, Signal also had a tweet in which the company said that many people are asking how to transfer their group chats from other apps to Signal. In this case, this new feature is a great way to do this. Drop a group link in the existing chat app of your choice as you are placing a mic in it. Read this tweet-

Behind WhatsApp, Signal becomes number one: Let us tell you that Signal has left WhatsApp behind. It has become the fastest downloaded app in India. It is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service. This app has come on top in the free app category of the App Store in many countries including India. Shared a screenshot from Signal’s official Twitter handle in which this app in India is appearing at the top above WhatsApp.

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