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Remember this date of September, right? Such Android phones will become useless, do this work immediately to avoid

September is going to be a bad month for some Android users, as some Android smartphones will be completely useless at the end of these months. Many apps will stop supporting these phones, that is, the phone will turn into a box, and this day is near. In such a situation, Android users will be left with no option but to update their phone or buy a new phone. If you want to confirm whether your phone will be affected or not, then read on…

According to the report, Google will no longer support sign-in on Android phones running Android 2.3.7 or lower. An email sent by Google to users shows that this change will be effective from 27 September 2021. The email advises users to update to at least Android 3.0 Honeycomb to continue using Google apps after September. This will affect system and app level sign-in, but could give users the ability to sign in to Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, YouTube and other Google services through the phone’s browser.

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Why is the company taking this step, also know this
9to5Google in its report shared a screenshot of an email sent to users who are likely to be affected by the change. Users on very old versions of Android are likely to be very small and Google is clearly doing this to help protect user data and maintain account security. From September 27, users running their phone running Android v2.3.7 and lower OS version will get “USERNAME OR PASSWORD ERROR” whenever they try to sign-in to any Google app installed on the phone. This email appears as a warning to some users who are still using older software versions. They will need to update their software or replace the phone.

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what will happen after september 27
The report says that users of older Android versions will see an error when they try to sign in to Google products and services like Gmail, YouTube and Maps. If they try to add or create a new Google Account or do a factory reset and try to sign in again, they will still see an error. If they try to sign in again by changing their Google Account password, they will still see an error. Apart from this, even if you try to delete the account from the device and add it again, the same error will appear.

These Android version users have no choice
Essentially, there will be no option left for users using Android v2.3.7 and lower versions. In such a situation, it is best to look for alternative options to continue using Google apps and services tension free.

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