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Removable battery phone: Such a feature in Samsung's cheap phone, not in the most expensive phone – new samsung budget phone from samsung will offer a feature even the most expensive device don't have

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Samsung is about to introduce a new feature in its Galaxy lineup, which brands like Google, Xiaomi and OnePlus are not even offering. In the beginning of the smartphone industry, many such handsets were being launched, whose batteries could be removed and the back panel opened. However, this is not seen now and almost all companies are manufacturing unibody devices, whose batteries cannot be removed. Samsung is going to change this trend.

Talking about existing smartphones, if you have to get a battery replacement, then you have to send the service center to the phone manufacturer. Also, more money will have to be spent. At the same time, users can change the battery themselves if there is a removable battery and two batteries can also be kept with them if needed. It has been revealed that in the new Samsung Galaxy A01 Core device, users will get such an option and Samsung can once again bring the phone with the old design.

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Specifications will be like this

The release date of the new phone has not been announced at the moment but details related to it have come out in SamMobile's report. If you believe the details revealed from the Bluetooth certification site, then the HD + display with 1480x720p resolution can be given in this smartphone and the entry level MediaTek MT6739WW chipset will be found in this phone. Also, the company can launch it in the market with 1 GB RAM.

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Will be launched at budget price

The removable battery capacity of the phone can be 3,000mAh and it can get Android 10 OS. However, for phones with less than 2 GB of RAM, the company can also provide optimized Android Go in this phone. It is clear that this is going to be a budget phone. The removable design that Samsung is going to offer in the new phone, it does not offer the most expensive devices while still many users feel the need for phones with removable batteries.

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