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remove china app download: 'Chinese apps leave' by phone, more than 1 million downloads in two weeks – remove china app claims to remove all chinese apps from your smartphone is now trending in app store

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App developers are taking advantage of the anti-China environment being created in India. An app has come on Google Play Store, which claims to scan and delete Chinese apps present in smartphones. This app says that Chinese apps are not secure for you and after scanning such apps can be selected and uninstalled from the phone. In just two weeks this app has got more than 1 million downloads and this app has been named 'Remove China Apps'.

This app has been launched a few days ago and has joined the top download Android tools. It also has a 4.8 users rating. A dragon is visible in the icon of this app, behind which two broom crosses are seen. With the help of this, after recognizing the Chinese apps, users will also be able to select and uninstall them. Ever since the corona virus infection spread from China to the world, an anti-China environment has been seen.

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Chinese apps protest

Opposing Chinese apps on the Google Play Store, users are giving them a low rating. Apart from this, the matter of banning popular apps like TicketLock is being raised. Since the 'Self-reliant India Campaign' announced in India a few days ago, there is also a demand that users should use Indian apps more. In Google search, users are searching by writing Indian Apps and in the first week of May, the ratio has increased from 31 in the third week to near 100.

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Indian apps in trending

Talking about the top trending Android apps, 'Bharat Messenger' was also the trending communication app among the top 10 apps. This app is also being liked by the Made-in-India factor users. Apart from this, an app named Indian Messenger which has been on the App Store for almost a year, suddenly started trending at number 8 and its ratings have also increased to 4.4. In such a situation, it is clear that users want to use Indian apps and are removing Chinese apps from phones. You can install Remove China App from Play Store.

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