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RO water purifier with AF disruptor technology, waste and purified water

Indian subsidiary Tej is better known for its technology products due to slippage. The company did this recently, when the Water Purifier (Water Purifier) ​​WJ-R515V-H was updated in India, this smart product has a powerful powerful effect of phosphates in 6 steps, this type of germ-virus- Characteristics of dissolution are impossible. The AF insulator technology using this technology has been used.

fast water purifier
These are also effectively effective from insect impacts. Variety of high-quality high-end transmission systems are characterized by high quality.

Micro-correction of the properties of germs, to treat germs, micro-germs, works well for things like germs. Be it.

This property is more powerful in Sharpe’s test, because this property is more powerful, therefore this quality is more powerful. Effective too.

The same happens under the effect of sharps
Sharp has put the virus at risk, so it is a dangerous insect that is vulnerable to the disease. Ho.

The Sharp water purifier is priced at $35,500 in India.

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