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Sachin Tendulkar played 241 runs in the Sydney Test in 2003-04, heard the same song on all five days.

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Sachin Tendulkar was not in good form on the tour of Australia in the year 2003-04. Sachin scored 0,1,37,0 and 44 in the first three matches of the series played in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. Before the Sydney match, the Australian camp also knew that Sachin’s big score would be coming. During the 1992 and 1999 tours, Sachin must have scored at least one Test century in Australia.

Sachin did in Sydney what the Indian team’s fans were waiting for. Sachin played a brilliant innings of 241 runs in Sydney. The highlight of Sachin’s innings was that he did not play a single cover drive in it. Sachin has mentioned this in many interviews. He had said that he was playing well in the series but was not scoring. In such a situation, after assessing his batting, he found that he was having trouble with the cover drive. After this innings, Sachin scored an unbeaten 60 and then scored 194 runs against Pakistan at Multan.

During this innings, Sachin was listening to a song to keep himself calm and focused. 16 years after this innings, Sachin has told what song it was. In a question-and-answer session on his YouTube channel, Sachin said that during this innings he kept listening to the song ‘Summer of 69’ by the great Canadian singer and musician Brian Adams.

Sachin said, ‘I remember when I hit an unbeaten 241 during the Sydney Test in 2004, I was listening to only one song -‘ Summer of 69 ‘by Brian Adams during those five days. I put this song on the loop. Whenever we were going to the ground, in the dressing room, before going to bat, at lunch time, tea time, after the match, while going to the hotel… I kept listening to the Summer of 69 for five days and nothing else. ‘

Before the 2003 World Cup, Sachin was not in good form on the tour of New Zealand, he scored just one run in three ODIs. He scored 100 runs in four innings of Test matches. There too, Sachin listened to the lyrics of Lucky Ali’s ‘Sur’ to keep himself mentally strong. In that World Cup, Sachin batted brilliantly and scored 673 runs. This is the most runs scored by a batsman in a World Cup.

Sachin said, ‘I also remember that in South Africa at the 2003 World Cup, I had heard songs from Lucky Ali’s Sur album. I think he was quite good. ‘

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