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Salman Khan Clear Hospital Billings of Alling actor Faraz Khan who is battling for his life; Kashmira Shah called him ‘A Great Human Being’.

new Delhi: Bollywood actor Salman Khan has come to the rescue of another actor Faraz Khan, who is battling for life in a hospital in Bengaluru. Faraz Khan is the son of ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ actor Yusuf Khan and has acted in films like ‘Fareb’, ‘Mehndi’ and others. Faraj has been suffering from cough and chest infection for almost a year and currently, the actor is unconscious in the ICU.

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Kashmira Shah took to her Instagram and shared that humanitarian actor Salman Khan has once again come to the aid of ailing actor Faraz Khan. Shah also called him ‘the most genuine person in the film industry’. He shared a picture of the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ host and thanked him for taking care of Faraz Khan and his medical bill.

The actress’s caption reads, “You really are a great person. Thank you for taking care of Faraz Khan and his medical bills. Farab Khel actor Faraz Khan is in critical condition and Salman is standing by his side and he helps him like he helps many others. I am and always will be a true fan. I don’t care if people don’t like this post. I have the option to unfollow you. This is what I think and the fee is. I think he is the truest person I have met in the film industry @beingsalmankhan

Faraz Khan needs Rs 25 lakh for his treatment, for which the family has started a fundraising fund and has raised more than Rs 3,20,000 so far. Family members of the ailing actor said in a statement, “Faraz Khan who gave many years of his life to the art of acting and gave his best in front of the camera only to impress his audience, helped you to survive today Needed. Please help me raise enough money for the treatment of Faraz.

“While the ambulance was on its way, Faraz suffered a sudden seizure. He suddenly started moving uncontrollably and could not control his antics. As the ambulance arrived, Faraz went out on a stretcher and was being lowered into an ambulance when he faced another seizure. As the ambulance was reaching Vikram Hospital, Bangalore, he had a third ambulance attack in such a short time. Faraz was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram Hospital where we came to know that he had suffered three consecutive seizures due to a ringworm infection in his brain which had spread from his chest. Also, while he was suffering from these seizures, he swallowed his cough mucus and saliva which entered his lungs and caused pneumonia. “

The family of the ‘Mehndi’ actor said, “The doctors are trying their best to get them out of danger, but this will require 7-10 days of critical care … It’s been years since Faraz worked in films And a huge amount of 25 lakhs has to be arranged. We have a simple life and live with our jobs and enjoy weekends with our family. “

We wish Faraz Khan to get well soon.

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