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Samsung Benow: Samsung products from online neighborhood electronic shop, new service started – samsung partners with benow digital platform


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Legendary tech giant Samsung partnered with Benow, a digital payment platform, to improve the shopping experience of users. Samsung is the first company in the industry to partner with Benow. Through Beenau, users will be able to buy Samsung television and other electronic appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines online from their neighborhood store anywhere in the country.

Samsung has the largest retail network

Samsung has expanded its partnership with Beenau beyond smartphones to consumer electronics. Talking about the consumer electronic industry, Samsung has the largest retail network in the country. The company hopes that this partnership will strengthen the retail partners of small cities and towns across the country.

5 thousand retailers register

With the help of Beenau platform, thousands of offline retailers will be able to sell SasamSung electronic products online. So far, around 5000 retail offline retailers have registered themselves to avail this facility. The company expects this number to increase further in the coming weeks.

Verification Details and KYC

If a retailer wants to be a part of Samsung's new digital platform, the company will share its details with Beenau. After this, Beenau will send a digital registration link to the registered mobile number of the retailers. After this, retailers have to verify their details and upload KYC documents.

Prepare your online catalog

Retailers can also create their own online catalog on the Beenau app. After this, retailers can also share this catalog via SMS, WhatsApp and email to give information about the marketing and stock of the product. Consumers will also get options like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card and EMI to pay consumers in the Beenau app.

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