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Samsung Galaxy M12 battery has power, 10 celebs together could not beat the battery

If you are not following Samsung’s #MonsterReloaded challenge, then you are missing the biggest challenge going on in the country. The 12 top SEBELBs are trying to eliminate the 6000 mAh battery offered in the #MonsterReloaded Galaxy M12 equipped with an 8nm Exynos processor. Actress Sarah-Jane Dias, actor Angad Bedi and talented actress Sayani Gupta also failed to drain the phone battery. All the contenders are seen to be using the phone’s true 48MP quad camera setup and the upgraded 90 Hz refresh rate the most when using the Galaxy M12. Capturing photos for hours, recording videos, video calling, watching shows but still the celebs were not able to reduce the battery level of the phone below 80 percent.

This means the Samsung Galaxy #MonsterReloaded Challenge is still going on and Team M12 is now confident of fourth contender Varun Sood to be able to win this challenge for them. The #MonsterReloaded scoreboard stands at 80%. So sit down with popcorn and see how actor-cum-athlete Varun Sood tries to drain the battery of this phone.

Careful: The atmosphere is going to heat up soon!

Team M12 challenges Varun Sood pass

Varun appears to be flexing his muscles as he prepares for the challenge with Energy. He started running and then after a while he captured the best photos with the phone’s True 48 megapixel quad camera. He received better image detail, enhanced picture quality, improved speed, lens clarity, framing position clarity, good sensor size, noise reduction, and better light quality even under changing atmospheric conditions when he was out.

Along with running, he also had a great photography experience, but will Varun be able to finish the 6000 mAh battery given in the phone, let’s see.

What?! One of the best athletes we know has also lost! And even after using the phone for three hours, the battery life of Samsung Galaxy M12 was reduced by only 6%.

Status update: Iphone battery at 74%

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar is now the next contender for this challenge

Shreya gave some challenge like this
The defeat of the other contenders in this challenge did not dampen the enthusiasm of actress Shreya at all and she carried on the #MonsterReloaded challenge. Shreya ran for 13 kilometers to extend the phone usage for 3 hours, and then opened several apps in the background to eliminate the battery.

The fact is that the 8nm Exynos processor present in the Samsung Galaxy M12 is the most powerful feature, which is able to easily manage the battery of this phone with all the tasks. So will Shreya’s strategy really work? let’s watch:

Status update: Iphone battery at 67%

Amaira Dastur is now the next contender in the #MonsterReloaded Challenge

Amaira Dastur tried this trick
Actress Amaira Dastur plans to watch her favorite show on the 16.55cms Infinity-V display on the Samsung Galaxy M12. Not only does she want to keep herself busy running on the treadmill, but she hopes that she will be able to drain the phone battery, we can say that this is a good idea.

She ran to give a tuff fight and her favorite show ran on the phone as well. See what happened next after 3 hours and 12 kilometers.

Amaira Dastur also quited, even though the phone has a 90 Hz refresh rate, the phone battery is also not exhausted. If you can feel the heat of this challenge, imagine what the celebs must be feeling right now! The pressure is increasing.

Status update: Battery is now down to 59%

Now all hopes are set on the next contender who is our favorite actor- Sumit Vyas! Will he be able to beat the 6000 mAh battery given in the Samsung Galaxy M12 for the M12 team? What is their strategy? Will he run more or use more tricks like Shreya and Amaira?

Sumit Vyas took the challenge
Actor Sumit Vyas decided to play music and run multiple apps simultaneously in the background while he was on the beach. The Galaxy M12 captures great images with the True 48MP camera, along with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a 2-megapixel depth lens, and a 2-megapixel macro camera sensor. He used a 48 megapixel camera sensor with ISOCELL Plus technology to shoot true resolution 48MP photos.

But the actor is beginning to feel that none of his moves are working in front of the 6000 mAh battery and 8nm Exynos processor given in the Galaxy M12. Although he has not given up… and now he is about to play! So will it prove to be the final nail in the coffin? Look!

Status update: Battery is at 50%

Now Aseem Riaz, Sayan Bakshi and Ahana Kumra will challenge
Now Bigg Boss runner up Aseem Riaz, Sayan Bakshi and actress Ahana Kumra will lead the challenge from here. All these celebs are trying to eliminate the battery of Samsung Galaxy M12, and let us know how much these three celebs contributed to win Team 12.

No one has been able to finish the powerful specification of Samsung Galaxy M12 and especially the battery of this phone. 10 celebs have used the phone and there are still 2 celebs who will try to drain the battery of the phone.

Status update: 21 percent battery left

Next in this competition are actress Isha Rabba and actor Amit Sadh. It remains to be seen whether these two can replace the battery of the #MonsterReloaded Samsung Galaxy M12 or not?

It remains to be seen whether these two artists can help in winning this challenge of Team 12 before the launch event on 11 March. This powerful smartphone offers amazing features such as a True 48MP quad camera, 6000 mAh battery, 8nm Exynos Processor and a 16.55cm Infinity-V display with 90Hz refresh rate and it does not look like a single of 12 celebrities. The Samsung Galaxy M12 smartphone is tilted at all in front of the effort made, rather it is performing all the tasks firmly.

One thing about this #MonsterReloaded phone that has already won our hearts and that is that it is rumored that the price of the phone in India can be less than 12 thousand rupees. Which phone has ever made such a promise in this price segment. Following the tradition of M-series, now this device will also be made available for sale on and soon.

While we are cheering our favorite celebs and want them to win, we are sure by now they know who they are challenging. Stay connected with us to know how is this challenge between Samsung Galaxy M12 #MonsterReloaded and Celebs.

Disclaimer: This is a brand post and written by the Spotlight team of Navbharat Times.

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