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samsung galaxy m31s: Samsung's new Monster Galaxy M31s, it is the flagship of the M Series that comes with the #MonsterShot SINGLE-Take feature – samsung galaxy m31s is the new monster from the company which offers unique monstershot single take feature

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India is slowly moving from lockdown to unlock. The lockdown had put a break on our life that we were used to. And meanwhile, while we are taking the air of slow unlocking, Samsung has gone a step ahead to introduce a new monster in the market. So you are ready…
Here is the new flagship of the M series – The #MonsterShot Samsung Galaxy M31s.

This is an update we were looking for in this boring lockdown. We know that it is a difficult task to do household chores while attending a meeting. This season was very sad and none of us were enjoying it. But this #MonsterShot Samsung Galaxy M31s is about to change it. This new monster is equipped with weapons that transform boredom into celebration! The M Series has been known since its inception for the best display, the most powerful battery among the camera and mid-range phones, but it is taking it a step further with its exclusive single tech feature so that you Do not miss any precious moment.

This new Samsung smartphone is equipped with #MonsterShot. Through this, you can eliminate the boredom of lockdown in style. And how would you do it? Is mopping at home a stressful job for you? Take a shot of it, and just enjoy a lot of options like Bounce, Reverse video, Fast forward, Smart Crop, Filters etc. with one click. One shot and 10 different options to play with. This is a great chance for you to be as creative as possible with your love of photography. And it is also a way that you can find the joy of your type.



With this beautiful weather and the way people are bringing out their creative side, why not capture it with Samsung Galaxy M31s. Wait for its 64 megapixel camera, it will give you clarity that you have never experienced before.



And in this super edition, you get a monster 6000mAh battery, which powers your binge sessions.

Samsung is sure to do many more things to overcome the boredom of lockdown with its #MonsterShot game. We know that Neha Kakkar has a special understanding of dunes. Listen to them sing, and you'll be lost in the range that her voice can cover, but Han is super excited to see how she uses #MonsterShot to turn her boredom into celebrations.

So, stay connected and see how your favorite celebrity, (yes, a little bird has told us that some more are about to join), put together great moments even in this bad time. Stay connected with this space for a lot of fun, which is coming soon with Samsung Galaxy M31s #MonsterShot game. Click here to know more about this device.

This phone is scheduled to debut on July 30 at noon. See it here

Disclaimer: This is a brand post and written by Times Internet's Spotlight team.

Performance Samsung Exynos 9 Octa
Storage 64 GB
The camera 64 + 8 + 5 + 5 MP
The battery 6000 mAh
The display 6.4 “(16.26 cm)

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