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samsung phone blast: now Samsung smartphone explosion, user shared video – samsung galaxy a20e smartphone blasts into flames, user shares video

Photo: Kenji Yanase

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About four years ago, Samsung's Note 7 smartphone began to explode due to battery faults and the company had to stop production of the device. Once again, a case of blast in Samsung's Galaxy-A series phone has come to light and video footage has also been shared by a California user. As a brand, the explosion of Note 7 was a big blow for Samsung and now it has been claimed to have happened in the popular Galaxy A20e. The user says that the phone got engulfed in flames after a spark in the battery.

According to a report by DailyMail, the video was shared by Kenji Yanase, who lives in California, and said that his Samsung smartphone sparked like firecrackers and started burning. The video that the user has created after the blast in the phone is similar to the videos of the blast in the Galaxy Note 7 devices which appeared in 2016 four years ago. In such a situation, the question is also arising that there is no flaw in this smartphone like Note 7. However, the reason for the blast is not confirmed yet.

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Samsung gave confidence

The user said, 'My phone's screen was dead, so I opened the back panel of the phone and started watching it. The phone was in my hand when its battery started sparking. The device started burning after being sparked like firecrackers. ' DailyMail spoke to Samsung and a public statement has also been released by the company. Samsung said, 'Samsung relies on the quality of Galaxy A series smartphones and the safety of users. We have contacted the user and are further investigating this after withdrawing the device. '

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Battery may be the reason

Yanase told that when the phone screen was dead it was in my hand and it started burning after sparking from the battery. He said, 'I put the phone in the kitchen pan and threw dog water on it but it did not stop burning and I had to take the pan out. My whole house was filled with black smoke and a strange smel started. ' The user believes that the reason for this is the battery of the phone because no damage is visible on the motherboard of the phone. The user told Samsung about this and the company is taking action on their complex.

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