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Samsung to bring 'invisible' selfie camera phone, OIS to be in front camera

Galaxy S20 Ultra

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South Korea's smartphone company Samsung makes new innovations in its flagship lineup every year and the latest leaks point to one such innovation. Samsung may bring the Galaxy S21 without a selfie camera next year. Actually, this device will have a selfie camera inside the display and will not be seen from outside. Apart from this, Samsung can also bring optical image stabilization (OIS) technology in the selfie camera for the first time.
If the leaks and rumors are coming out, then the company will get a better front camera in the flagship Galaxy S21 coming next year. The company can bring a larger sensor with optical image stabilization than the previous device. According to reports, the South Korean company is testing two prototypes of the Future Phone. The first has a 1/2 inch sensor (perhaps with a 48 megapixel resolution). At the same time, the second prototype has a 1 / 2.55 inch sensor (probably with 12 megapixel resolution) and it also gets OIS.

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Great selfie in low light

If the company brings optical image stabilization for the front camera, it will be a big upgrade. With the help of this, even in low light, smooth images can be clicked without jitter. Whichever prototype Samsung chooses from the two, for the first time the company can bring devices with such a large selfie camera sensor. The current Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus have a 1 / 3.2 inch 10 megapixel selfie camera (Sony IMX375) sensor with dual autofocus. At the same time, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 1 / 2.65 inch 40 megapixel sensor.

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Special Under Display Camera Tech

Talking about innovation, Samsung was the first to bring an autofocus selfie camera to the Galaxy S8. The company brought a camera with a better PDAF dual pixel mechanism in the Galaxy S10 series. This year, the Galaxy S20 Ultra supports 4K video recording at 60fps in the front camera. In such a situation, next year the company brings the front camera (under display camera or UDC) inside the display with OIS support, so there can be great selfie camera performance without any punch hole.

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