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Samsung’s new smartphone pop-up speaker and flexible display, learn details

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Smartphone companies are always busy in launching new and advanced devices. In this series, now the South Korean giant is working on a smartphone with Samsung pop-up speaker nowadays. The display of this smartphone will also be flexible.

Filed patent
This Samsung high-tech phone is currently in the initial phase of development. At the beginning of the year, the company filed a patent for this phone with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This patent of the company was published on 15 October. Samsung’s patent was first seen by Let’s Go Digital.

Rounded corner and boxy design
According to the filed patent, this phone uses the rounded corner and boxy design like the iPhone 12 series. However, the design of this phone is quite different. According to the report, the speaker, microphone and front camera of this phone are mounted on the rear end of the front panel.

(Photo: Let’s Go Digital)

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Plastic Polymer Display

The special thing is that all these also move with the panel and flexible display and the upper part of the phone goes out and folds forward. This mechanism gives the speaker a resonance chamber which also improves the sound output. Plastic polymers have been used in the phone screen.

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S-Pen support can be found
The design of this new Samsung phone is quite advanced. Samsung specializes in making foldable displays. In such a situation, the excitement of users has already increased regarding this new design smartphone. The company can also offer S-Pen support in this phone. There is no information about when the phone will be launched.

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