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Actor Sanjay Dutt agreed to do Mahesh Bhatt upcoming film Sadak 2 on one condition

Sanjay Dutt: On what condition did Sanjay Dutt, actor himself ready to do 'Road 2' – actor sanjay dutt agreed to do mahesh bhatt upcoming film sadak 2 on one condition
Mahesh Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt Fans are eagerly waiting for their upcoming film Sadak 2. From this film Mahesh Bhatt After a long time, they are returning to the field of direction. Sanjay Dutt and Mahesh Bhatt came together for the 1986 film Naam. From then on, the bond between the two became very strong.

Talking about ‘Sadak 2’ during a conversation with the media recently, Sanjay said that he has shot a considerable part of the film. He also said that Mahesh is always full of enthusiasm and he has not changed till date.

Sanjay said that the director has prepared the story according to today’s time. Mahesh has spent many hours in it and the effort he has shown in leading the young team is amazing.

The actor further said that when he looks back, he feels that it is pertinent to take the road ahead. He first talked to Pooja Bhatt about this, then he thought of taking it further.

Mahesh Bhatt confirms, Alia loves Ranbir
Mahesh Bhatt confirms, Alia loves Ranbir

According to Sanjay, when Bhatt Saheb agreed to write the film, he told him that if he does not direct the film, he will break away from the project.

Let me tell you, apart from Sanjay, Aditya Roy Kapoor and ‘Road 2’ Alia Bhatt As actors will be seen in important characters. The film will be released in theaters on July 10.

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