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Sarandeep Singh said, how was Virat Kohli’s behavior in the team selection meeting

Indian captain Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant batsmen in the world. Kohli’s play and passion on the field are never questioned, but he is often the target of critics for his attitude. Kohli, who has scored 70 centuries and 22 thousand runs in international cricket, has come a long way in international cricket.

Former selector of Team India, Sarandeep has told how Kohli behaved during the team selection. Sarandeep said that Kohli used to listen to everyone before he spoke.

Sarandeep said on Sportskida’s Facebook page, ‘When it comes to Virat Kohli, the team meeting was 1 and a half hours. Virat is a good listener. I don’t know how people talk about them. If you see him during the match, he is always seen in jubilation. So it seems that he is always warm and does not listen to anyone. But it is not so, he is quite humble. He is not at all the way he looks and behaves on the field. He was very polite even in the selection meeting. He listened attentively to everyone and then reached a decision.

Sarandeep even told how Virat and Anushka manage their house, that too without any servants. Sarandeep said, ‘There is no servant at his house. He and his wife serve food all to themselves. What else you need? Virat always sits with you, goes out to dinner with you. All the other players have great respect for him. He is a man with a lot of down-to-earth and will power. ‘

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