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Save important photos, messages, videos and documents by chatting with yourself on WhatsApp, the way is very easy

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: There are many times when something important happens and then we keep it in writing, but when it is needed, we do not remember where it was written, but now you do not have to worry too much. Yes, today we are going to tell you such a wonderful trick, with the help of which you can send important things to yourself only by writing a text message through WhatsApp Chat. This means now whenever you have to save anything, be it photo, video, text message, you can save it by sending it to WhatsApp chat with yourself.

If you want to chat with yourself on WhatsApp, then there are two ways for this, one you can choose any method according to your convenience through your smartphone or computer. But now the question is coming in your mind that what is the way, so now let us provide you detailed information about this.

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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Steps
1) First of all, open any web browser on smartphone or computer.
2) After this, enter your mobile number with the country code next to http://wa.me/ in the address bar and then search. For example, http://wa.me/+91987****798
3) As soon as you enter a mobile number, a separate web page will be opened and you will see your mobile number with the country code and the Tap To Share option will appear below, if you are from mobile then as soon as you do this Clicking on the option WhatsApp will open with your own chat. But if you are doing it from a computer, then you have to log in to WhatsApp Web first.
4) As soon as your chat is open you will see your number above.

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