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Say hello to the brilliant Samsung QLED TV – Vibrant colors and real cinematic sound

If you are going to buy a new television for yourself in the market, you will have to see a lot of options. The idea of ​​getting a TV is related to meeting the needs of everyone in your family. How big a screen should you go for? Is it ‘most important’ to have technology in 2020? What features should it have? There are many questions that you are going to get answers to. But right now, your next TV should give a theater-like experience in your home, you should enjoy the fun of the best 3D sound and a movie theater like Dhansu Visuals. But can a TV really give you such an immersive, all-consuming experience in the living room? Something like this is being offered by Samsung. The South Korean company has brought the latest product in the television industry and is ready to take a step towards the future.

You will be lost once you turn on the 2020 Samsung QLED TV that offers billions of colors and cinematic sound. Whether the content is new or old, it will look completely new. With this QLED TV, Samsung has also set the scale of making something like this for other companies. Samsung has made the viewing experience more vibrant, immersive and better than ever before.

So how did Samsung do it?
Samsung QLED TVs use Quantum Dot technology. What this tech does is nothing short of magic. Quantum Dots are made from innovative inorganic semiconductor materials that emit light according to the size of nanoparticles. This means that Quantum Dots are unique in terms of excellent and uniform performance without compromising on the quality.

How does Samsung QLED TV give you a theater-like experience?


Small things make Samsung QLED TV better. QLED TVs provide 100 percent color volume to provide an immersive experience like theater. For example, a billion colors appear on your screen, giving you an extra crisp look. Another aspect associated with movie theaters is that your viewing experience improves with immersive sound and Samsung QLED TV does this with Object Tracking Sound or OTS. It tracks the motion of the object appearing in the scene and boosts the audio from that part of the screen, thus giving 3D cinematic sound effects by following the sound object. This is where you realize the small and necessary changes that make your viewing experience more immersive and you cannot live without praising the engineering efforts. The Samsung QLED TV features six dedicated front-facing speakers, with which you enjoy 3D sounds that look absolutely real.

Active Voice Amplifier


Samsung QLED TV can do a very cool job, which is to reduce the ambient noise around you, which can affect your viewing experience. With the help of AVA or Active Voice Amplification, the audio of the scene is amplified according to the surrounding ambient noise level. In this way, the dialog being spoken in a scene is clearly heard to you. Having such technology in television means that you can watch your favorite movie without missing any dialogue.

Beautiful badge-less design


Design is the least noticed aspect of a television. And Samsung has done something really cool with its 2020 QLED TVs. This is absolutely minimalistic design and does not disturb you. The design of QLED TV is the perfect balance between art and science, this beautiful badge-less design blends in with your space and doesn’t knock into your viewing experience.

4K AI upscaling


The cool features of Samsung QLED TV also include 4K AI upscaling. Regardless of the original source, this TV with powerful quantum processor 4K converts the content quality to 4K resolution. This TV automatically analyzes the input source and restores lost details and defines the edges of objects and text, reducing image noise.

Picture quality over time


A few years after purchasing TVs, the most common problem buyer gets to see ‘burn-in’, but Samsung has discharged all such problems with this QLED TV. how? Quantum dots are made of inorganic material that can give uniform bright and vivid image quality for years. This means that the display will not burn-in with the passage of time, and the brilliant colors and details seen today will remain the same after the passage of time. And to keep things exciting and last longer, Samsung is offering a 10-year no screen burn-in warranty.

Filmmaker Farah Khan said this about Samsung QLED TV
One good thing about someone telling their mind to ‘mouth’ is that it is a personal experience and so did filmmaker Farah Khan. It is well known that Farah is very fond of films and how his films spell on the big screen. The same magic on Samsung QLED TV reaches your living room in a wonderful way. See how even the most fine details of his film are highlighted on Samsung QLED TV and taking the entire experience to a new level! After all, big moments allow it to be seen in great detail. Listen to how she is talking in detail about the awesome Samsung QLED.

Festive offers and deals
Samsung knows how to make you happy during the festive season. This is the reason why the brand has brought some great deals and offers specially for you to make this good time even better. With Samsung QLED TV you will get Galaxy Z Fold (price Rs 173999), Galaxy S20 Ultra (price Rs 97999), Galaxy A31 (price Rs 19999), Galaxy A21s (price Rs 16499) according to the QLED TV model purchased by you You will get Not only this, there is more- you can get up to 20 percent cashback with Home Festive Home Offer. In addition to an excellent 10-year no-screen burn guarantee, Samsung is also offering a 3-year (1-year standard + 2-year extended) warranty on the panel.


Bring it home today!
The Samsung QLED TV is available at all major retail outlets, online and at Samsung.com. Whatever the size of your living space, Samsung has a range of QLED TVs starting from 43 inches to 85 inches. The most important thing is that the price of these panels starts at Rs 62,990. So don’t wait now, Samsung has really prepared this price television which can be purchased at an attractive price along with meeting all the requirements. To know more, click.

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared by Times Internet’s Spotlight team on behalf of Samsung.

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