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Scientists claim coronavirus will be like seasonal flu, even in summer season

Scientists claim coronavirus will be like seasonal flu, even in summer season

For the last ten months, the whole world has been struggling with coronavirus infection. So far no country has been able to produce a coronavirus vaccine. Now new information has come about Coronavirus. Once herd immunity is obtained against coronavirus, it can remain a seasonal disease. However, coronavirus will continue to spread until then.

According to research published in the journal Engineers in Public Health, once a large population acquires herd immunity against coronaviruses, the spread of the virus will decrease. The virus will also be affected by seasonal fluctuations.

Senior author Hassan Zarqat of the Lebanese American University of Beirut warned in his study that the corona is going to stay here and it will continue year after year until the herd immunity develops. He said that therefore the public would have to learn to live with Corona. Also avoid wearing maskers, frequent hand washing and going to the spotos which are the best interventions. Scientists say that there may be several rounds of corona before getting herd immunity.

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Hassan Zerkat, citing earlier research, stated that viruses follow a pattern in warmer regions via other bronchies similar to coronaviruses. He said that influenza is a disease in the common cold but in tropical regions it is a year-round disease. Scientists have noted that the highest rate of corona infection has been reported in Gulf countries where the weather is warmer.

In research, they reported that the virus behaves differently in air and surface due to changes in temperature and humidity. Although coronavirus infection rates are higher than flu. He therefore said that factors that control the seasonal potential of coronaviruses, unlike flu and other viruses spread through the breath, may not yet prevent the spread of Co-19 in the summer months. However, once the herd immunity is achieved through vaccination, there will be a substantial drop in the corona infection rate.

Hasan Zarkat said that whether our predictions are true or not can be seen in future. Although I think that like other viruses the split-19 will eventually be seasonal.

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