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See: Ravindra Jadeja did amazing, Harshal Patel’s 37 runs in one over

With the help of Ravindra Jadeja’s quick innings, Chennai Super Kings gave the Royal Challengers Bangalore a target of 192 runs. In the last over of this match, Jadeja scored 37 runs. He batted in Harshal Patel’s over. This has equaled the most expensive over in IPL history.

He batted hard in the last over of the innings.

How was the over
19.1 Harshal Patel – Ravindra Jadeja
six. The over could not have started better than this. Jadeja went back to the crease. He was ready for the slow ball. Harshal missed out on the length. Jadeja had the ball in the slot and he sent it out of the ground.

19.2 – Harshal Patel’s next ball-
One more six. Daniel Christian must be realizing now that he has made a big mistake by dropping the catch of Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja is now hurting Bangalore a lot. Harshal once again missed the length. The ball was then in Jadeja’s slot and once again the ball went across the field at Cow Corner.

19.3 Patel’s next ball- Six once again. This time a no-ball. Patel had impressed so far in this tournament but today he is making mistakes on mistakes. He tried the yorker. Lose it in the length. Take the full toss. Jadeja sent it for a six over long-on.

19.3- One more six. What is this happening. Ravindra Jadeja is reading the bowler’s mind very well. Patel’s length was shorter this time. Jadeja waited for the ball and sent it across the square leg boundary. With this, the left-handed all-rounder completed his fifty.

19.4-2 runs. There was a very difficult chance. Wide Yorker. Jadeja played it on the extra cover. Fielder’s hand reached the ball but the ball did not stick on his hand. Two runs complete.

19.5- One more six. Patel is throwing a full toss and Jadeja is constantly taking advantage of it. From the mid-wicket boundary, it was another great six.

19.6- Foursome. A total of 37 runs were scored in this over. With this, IPL’s most expensive over par.

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