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Shashi Tharoor was telling the Congress strong opposition, Bishan Singh Bedi’s ‘googly’ spoke off!

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Former cricketers often remain in discussions about their tweets on cricket. However, he is also seen tweeting on other issues in between. Something similar happened on Sunday when he expressed concern over the rising price of petrol diesel. Stating that the Congress was a strong opposition, he tried to hit the spot, but Bishan Singh Bedi’s ‘googly’ stopped him from speaking.

Unhappy over increasing prices of petrol and diesel
In fact, on Sunday, former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi tweeted on the rising prices of petrol diesel. He wrote- ‘I was talking to a close friend of mine who owns a gas station, he said that the skyrocketing prices of petrol diesel are criminal, yet no one is complaining about this. Wondering where the country is going or is it normal? ‘

Shashi Tharoor tried to hit on the spot
Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted on the spot, tweeted, ‘Bishan Singh Bedi! The opposition is complaining about this. I tweeted this issue dozens of times, even mentioning it in Parliament. The Congress is running a social media campaign against these criminal prices raised by our tax-happy government, but they believe that the electoral majority gives them the right to do anything. ‘

Tharoor speaks off Bedi’s answer
However Bishan Singh Bedi did not stop here. He also stopped speaking of Shashi Tharoor by throwing a googly. Responding to Shashi Tharoor, Bishan Singh Bedi wrote – ‘Do we really have this worthy opposition? Is everything fine in the house of Congress! I am sad to see such a directionless country which is hunting its citizens. We are all responsible for this, we are being made to believe that we deserve what we are getting. ‘ This reply of Bishan Singh Bedi silenced Shashi Tharoor. Till the news was written, there was no response from Shashi Tharoor. At the same time, this reply of Bishan Singh Bedi on Twitter is being highly praised. Many Twitter users have supported him on the opposition.

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