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Small but amazing feature! Full view of photo-video will now appear in WhatsApp Chat


  • Full view of photo-video will now be seen in WhatsApp
  • Croped preview currently appears within WhatsApp chat
  • Features will come with update version 2.21.71 in iOS

The battle between WhatsApp and Telegram seems to be better than the other. Recently Telegram launched a lot of new features, so WhatsApp also said it was going to stay behind. WhatsApp has introduced a small but big work feature for users. The company is releasing a new update, which will show a larger view of the photos and videos in the chat. This feature will showcase photos and videos sent in chat in a large format.

How the feature will work in the tweet
WhatsApp announced the new feature in the tweet on how it works. So far, the pictures sent on WhatsApp are seen as cropped, and you had to open it to see the whole image, but now with the new update, the whole picture will be seen inside the WhatsApp chat itself, that is, you will no longer see the cropped version. Will give. This feature also applies to videos sent on WhatsApp Chats.

iOS comes with update version 2.21.71
While this is not a major WhatsApp feature, it can certainly be useful especially for devices with large displays, which is the case for most phones these days. WhatsApp introduced this feature for iOS users in the App Store last month with update version 2.21.71. It seems that this feature is now available to all WhatsApp users.

Twitter is also testing such a feature
Recently, Twitter has also started testing Full View photos on the timeline. Currently, where half of the photo is visible, this testing shows the photos in full view. That is, the picture you tweeted will look exactly the same as the tweet is in composer. Currently, you have to tap on the tweet to see the full picture as it shows only a preview of it on the timeline.

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