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Smartphones being vocal for local, companies added special features for Indian users

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When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Vocal for Local, it was focused on manufacturing and supply chain locally. This proverb spread like wildfire and became hugely popular in all business categories. The smartphone operating system was also not untouched by this and started to introduce features that reinforce this notion. Here are some of the features that smartphone brands have added, especially for India.

Local language input
This was the first feature implemented by most smartphone brands. Different states in India have different languages ​​and smartphone brands incorporated local languages ​​on phones to lure customers and increase sales in smaller towns. The Indian language in this interface has accelerated the adoption of smartphones by people of all small towns. It has also helped users who do not feel comfortable in English and can understand and communicate better in the local language. Almost all Android smartphones now provide support for over 9 Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Docvault is a feature that is available only on ColorOS of Oppo smartphones. It is based on the DigiLocker app of the Government of India. It helps the users to store digital copies of their required identity documents like Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License etc. These documents are in coded language and can be protected with a password for additional security if required. With this, OPPO’s ColorOS has gained a lot of profit status by showing its dedication to the Indian users.

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Two-wheel drive mode
This is another feature that is being offered by various brands on their smartphones. Keeping in mind the Indian consumers, it has been introduced for those who regularly use two-wheelers. This ride mode ensures that the person driving the vehicle does not get distracted by repeated notifications. Turning on this mode allows the phone to make only the necessary calls, while others are notified to do so later. This mode pauses the phone’s touch screen while running.

Low battery message
The biggest issue with the smartphone is the battery life. Often we are in a situation where the phone battery is running out and there is no option to charge the phone. For India, ColorOS now offers an option in which an emergency message is automatically sent to selected contact numbers when the phone’s battery is low. You can choose the numbers where these messages go. Those people will get a text message with your previous location informing that your battery is almost on the verge of being depleted. This is a great feature for women’s safety and emergency contact.

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Now what to expect
As one of the top countries of India in terms of smartphone sales and demand, more and more brands want market share here. To achieve this, brands need to put features on their smartphones according to India’s needs. Later, more languages ​​will be available on smartphones. We can also expect to combine these brands with unique local apps that will allow companies to pre-load and sell them in mobile or offer them under exclusive offers. Ultimately, smartphone brands must integrate various Indian services like DigiLocker into their phones that are easily accessible and easy to use.

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